Hand-cut lettering in Stone for Garden and Home Art designed by Lisi Ashbridge, It's Written in Stone, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire - tel: 01380 860 947 - e-mail: itswritteninstone@gmail.com

The first sealing stone in All Cannings long barrow

I have had the honour of designing and cutting the first memorial sealing stone for the only modern long barrow in the world, here at All Cannings, where Neolithic building methods and materials have been applied to achieve a resting place with a sacred atmosphere. A long barrow is a place where cremated remains in urns are kept in niches, which are then sealed with an engraved stone.

The relief carved motive on this stone represents the local hills (which in Neolithic times were viewed as ‘the breasts of the goddess’) with the ancient symbol of a crescent above it. The lettering for the family name was kept very traditional and v-cut, to allow shadows to bring it to life. The Family name is below the motive to indicate that we sleep below the hills and moon.

Lime stone, relief cut symbols and v-cut lettering Inside the long barrow Long Barrow of All Cannings - landscaping still to be completed The first sealing stone in place The niche with the urn before the sealing stone is fitted The entrance to the long barrow

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